Maury tryna get niggas caught up


This woman had her black man on the show for suspicion of cheating. Maury and his people put the nigga in a room with a white decoy bitch with a fat ass flirting with him and shit, throwing the pussy at his face like a right jab and shit.
How is he supposed to resist that? As a nigga, we are not equipped with the needed software or training to turn down a fat ass, nigga. It’s possible, but very hard if the girl is attractive. Look, you ever eat dinner and then you find a piece of cake in the fridge and you’re like
“Ok, I just ate and I’m not hungry but this is free cake so I’m gonna eat it anyway cause it’s cake and it’s free and I never get free cake.”
Thats exactly what’s going through that niggas mind. He has no idea if he’ll ever find free cake in the fridge again, so of course he’s gonna eat that shit up. This is a cruel ass trap. You know damn well that nigga could never have said no, so why would you do that to the nigga? Damn, Maury.